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Warranties & Services

After Sale Service

At Scandia, our relationship does not end with your purchase. Our commitment is to offer on going, reliable support for every appliance bought from Scandia. With our island-wide network and well-trained technicians, we provide the highest standard of after sales service, quickly and hassle-free.

Product Warranty

  • Warranty applies only with a proof of purchase.
  • The duration of the guarantee set by each manufacturer varies between 12/24 or even longer  as it depends on the manufacturer’s instructions and the law. Warranty is valid from the date of purchase of the device.

Product Repairs

  • If a product under warranty develops technical problem it must be examined by an authorized technician. In all cases, manufacturer’s terms & conditions for repairs or replacements are applied.


Installation fee for all e Home Appliances as well as installation fees for  Air Conditioners are as follows: 

  • Home Appliances:   €17
  • Basic installation for Air Conditioners:
    9000 -12000BTU:     €115
    18000 – 24000BTU: €130

The charge includes the installation with maximum distance 3m between the indoor and outdoor unit.VAT is included in above prices.

Additional Air Conditioner installation  work:

  • Supply and installation of outdoor wall mount: €35
  • Supply and installation of Heater switch: €20
  • Supply and installation of Isolator: €55
  • Air Conditioning pipe cleaning: €30