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Vacuum Robot Cleaner

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Power (Volts)

24 Volt

Autonomy (min)


Capacity (mL)

500 ml



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Equiped with advanced LDS laser navigation system, Sweeva 6000 cleans your whole house efficiently with no dirt left. The HEPA filter and UV-C sterization protect your family away from allergens and harmful bacterias. You could have a total control on distance through TCL Home App


  • LDS Navigation
  • 2700Pa suction power
  • UV-C Sterilization
  • Multi Maps in-memory
  • HEPA filter
  • Wi-Fi


  • Navigation type: LDS
  • Suction power level: Quiet/Standard/Turbo/Max
  • Dust box volume: 500 ml
  • Max run time: 180 min
  • Climbing threshold: 20 mm
  • Control method: TCL Home APP
  • Work with Amazon Alexa / Google Assistant: Yes
  • Clean mode: Auto/Room/Area/Pin-n-Go
  • Side brush: 1
  • Noise level: 65 dB
  • Self-recharge: Yes
  • Schedule cleaning: Yes
  • Anti-drop sensor: Yes
  • Wall sensor: Yes
  • Anti-collision sensor: Yes
  • Dustbin detecting: Yes
  • Floating roller brush: Yes
  • Multiple map management: Yes
  • Carpet boost: Yes
  • Resume cleaning: Yes
  • No-go zone: App virtual wall
  • Leak-proof dust box: Yes
  • UV-C sterilization: Yes
  • Auto-Empty dustbin: Yes
  • Colour: Black
  • Power consumption (standby): 0.5 W
  • Battery: 5000 mAh
  • Product Size: 34,2 / 9,45 / 34,2 mm




LDS Laser Navigation System

Ultra Powerful Suction

Multi Maps In-memory

Smart Control Via App

Multi Sensor For No-worry Moving

UV-C Sterization: More than just clean

Long Runtime With Self Recharging

LDS Laser Navigation System

The advanced LSD laser navigation system provides a real-time mapping with higher accuracy, high scanning frequency and further scanning range to deals with complicated surroundings. It scans the room at a speed of 6 × 360°/sec to obtain distance information. When the laser is projected on an obstacle, it will form a light spot. At the same time, the image sensor will calculate the distance to the center of the laser ranging sensor according to the pixel number of the light spot.

Ultra Powerful Suction

Sweeva robot vacuum cleaner 6000 has 2700Pa ultra powerful suction, with 4-stage cleaning system. The two side brushes, together with the middle high-end rolling brush to efficiently pulls dirt, dust and hairs off different types of surface such as carpets and hard floors with efficient air flow system.

Multi Maps in-memory

Multi maps could be constructed and stored in TCL Home App which is perfect for a multi-floors house. You could name each map through the app, so for the next time, just click on the map directly to clean this specific zone.

Smart Control via App

Thanks to TCL Home Application, you could take full control of your Sweeva robot vacuum cleaner by distance. Check the clean log in your home even you are away, and remotely control the device through your smart phone. Throught Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, you could voice control the device.

Multi sensor for No-worry Moving

Sweeva will not be stopped by small steps or thick rugs with its crossing capability up to 20mm height. It will not neither fall from the stairs nor bumping against wall thanks to the cliff sensors and anti-collision sensors.

UV-C Sterilization: More than just clean

With the UV-C light on the bottom of the machine, Sweeva 6000 not only cleans but also sterilizes the floor. Protects your family from harmful bacteria. *


*The UV-C light will turn off if Sweeva detects that it is off the ground. You can also turn off the UV-C light through App.

Long Runtime with Self Recharging

Sweeva 6000 could keep working for 180min, suitable for areas up to 250 m2.* When battery power is low than 15%, Sweeva will looking for the charging base and go back by itself automatically for further cleaning.


*Tested on hard floor, on standard mode, by TCL IOT Lab.