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Panasonic NN-K10JWMEPG


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Capacity (Litres)

20 Lt



Microwaves Power (Watts)

800 Watts

Automatic Programming




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The Panasonic NNK10JWMEPG is a simple and small solo microwave for heating up leftovers and ready meals. You heat your meals with a capacity of 800 watts. Combine the microwave and grill function for a ready-made lasagne with a crispy layer of cheese. The microwave has a mechanical timer that you can easily set by turning it. Thanks to this simple operation, the microwave can be operated by everyone, including the elderly. The inner walls are made of acrylic. Dirt hardly adheres to this smooth and pore-free surface. This makes it easy to clean the walls with a cloth after preparation.


Appliance placement: Freestanding
Oven/microwave type: Solo microwave
Capacity: 20 l
Microwave power: 800 W
Grill function: Yes
Cleaning method: Manually, Walls with coating


General features
Appliance placement: Freestanding
Physical properties
Height: 25,8 cm
Width: 44,4 cm
Depth: 34 cm
Maximum internal diameter: 30,1 cm
Interior dimensions: height: 21,5 cm
Interior dimensions: width: 30,8 cm
Internal dimensions: depth: 30,6 cm
Weight: 12 kg
Capacity: 20 l
Color: White
Front panel material: Plastic
Interior wall material: Acrylic
Opening direction: Left-hand
Turntable diameter: 25,5 cm
Turntable material: Glass
Opening method: Button
Build quality: Basic
Preparation quality: Basic
Type of microwave
Oven/microwave type: Solo microwave


Power supply
Cable length: 1 m
Minimum power supply: 1250 W
Connector included: Yes
Connector type included: Schuko/Gardy with grounding (2-pole)

Microwave functions
Microwave function: Yes
Microwave power: 800 W
Microwave power settings: 5
Grilling method: Quartz
Grill position: Upper grill
Grill function: Yes
Defrost mode: Yes
Microwave/oven functions: Grill, Microwave
Recommended for type of food: Warm up ready-to-cook meals
Spread of microwaves: Via 1 input
Timer: Yes
Timer type: Mechanical
Interior lighting: Yes
Cleaning method: Manually, Walls with coating
Type of lighting: Halogen


Control options
Control options: Dials
 Control panel language: Symbols


Included accessories
Included accessories: High round oven rack, Round oven rack