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Top Freezer Refrigerator

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Cooling Technology

No Frost

Energy Class


Height (cm)

186 cm

Width (cm)

70 cm



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Bosch KDN55NLFB two-door refrigerator, gross capacity 485lt, with Full No Frost cooling type and possibility to change door direction.


Dimension HxWxD (cm): 1.86 x 70 x 74.5
Net Total Capacity (lt): 453
Energy Class: F
Cooling Type: Full No Frost
Color: Silver/Inox
Total Capacity Range (Lt): Very Large (451lt +)


XXL fridge-freezers with 10 cm extra width.
Just 10cm extra width makes such a big difference in usable space! Thanks to these extra centimeters, compared to an ordinary model, you can easily store even large cookware, entire pans and serving trays and other large containers and objects.

The contents of your fridge, in the foreground.
LED lamps bring a completely new philosophy to the lighting of refrigerators, as they guarantee uniform and abundant lighting. LED lights use less electricity than conventional fridge lights and have the same lifespan as the appliance.


Your fruits and vegetables are kept fresh and rich in vitamins
The VitaFresh freshness system creates the ideal conditions for storing your fresh food thanks to its extremely low temperatures and adjustable humidity control. In particular, the humidity level in the special corresponding drawer can be easily adjusted, so that your fruits and vegetables remain fresh for an even longer period of time. So you can enjoy healthy food for even longer, without worrying about it spoiling.


Thanks to the optimal storage conditions, your food remains in ideal condition. The constant temperature inside the refrigerator is a decisive factor to achieve more freshness and better preserve the taste of food. FreshSense sensors continuously monitor and control the ambient temperature, as well as the temperature of the fridge and freezer. Thus, the temperature inside the refrigerator is always kept constant, regardless of the outside temperature.

Two separate cooling circuits to save energy
The two separate cooling circuits allow you to independently control the maintenance and freezing sections. With the easy-to-use electronic controls, you can adjust their temperatures individually and avoid the transfer of odors.

MultiAirflow system
Uneven cooling can directly affect the flavors and shelf life of your food. The MultiAirflow system directs gentle, even streams of cold air to all levels of the refrigerator and freezer. Temperature fluctuations are minimized and cooling times are reduced – which helps your food retain its flavor for longer.



Dimension HxWxD (cm): 1.86 x 70 x 74.5
Net Total Capacity (lt): 453
Energy Class: F
Cooling Type: Full No Frost
Colour: Silver/Inox
Total Capacity Range (Lt): Extra large (451lt +)
Noise Level (db): 41
Height Range in (cm): from 161 to 190
Net Freezer Capacity (lt): 118
Width Range in (cm): 60+
Net Maintenance Capacity (lt): 335
Height in (m): 1.86
Width: 70.0
Climate Zone: SN-T
Automatic Temperature Adjustment: With Electronic Thermostat
Possibility of changing the door: Yes
Annual Energy Consumption in kWh: 378.0
Suitable for: Domestic use
Furthermore: VitaFresh, Size XXL, LED lighting, 2 cooling circuits: separate storage and freezing control – odor transfer is prevented.
Weight in Kg: 75,930
Fruit and vegetable storage drawer: Yes
Number of fruit and vegetable drawers: 1