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Bosch BBS8214PET

Stick Vacuum

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Power (Volts)

18 Volt

Capacity (mL)

400 mL



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Rechargeable stick vacuum cleaner Bosch BBS8214PET Unlimited in red color with a powerful battery with a long operating time and 3 operating levels.



  • Power Volts: 18
  • Autonomy in minutes: 65
  • Capacity in (ml): 400
  • Charging Time (hours): 5
  • Dust Collection in: Bin
  • Filter Type: Powder



Extremely powerful – like a corded vacuum cleaner.
The Wireless Unlimited Gen2 Series | 8 vacuum cleaner finally makes it possible to enjoy the same power as a corded appliance. Thanks to the new, improved battery, new motor and Bosch foot, the multi-use cordless vacuum cleaner is as powerful as a corded vacuum cleaner, ensuring thorough cleaning.


Perfect cleaning of pet hair and fluff.
Pet hair is usually difficult to wipe The specially designed pad is ideal for pet owners, provides excellent cleaning performance on all types of floors and collects over 99.9% of dust and dirt 3. An additional, red brush roll effectively collects pet hair for better and faster cleaning results.


New generation battery for performance & autonomy.
High performance, light weight and long service life: Who wouldn’t want that in a vacuum cleaner battery? The next generation Power Plus battery from Bosch comes with high power cells for 33% more energy along with compact design, increased performance and longer life.


Powerful and light German engine.
There are no compromises in performance with the TurboSpin motor, developed and manufactured by Bosch in Germany. The three-phase digital motor is highly efficient, 32% lighter and 50% faster, with up to 82,000 revolutions per minute for easy handling and impressive cleaning performance at all times.



Mini turbo foot for easy hair cleaning.
Pet hair can be everywhere. The ProAnimal mini turbo foot was specially designed for this purpose and features a rotating brush to remove hair even faster and easier. The mini turbo foot ensures the perfect cleaning of hair & fibers from surfaces such as the sofa or your pet’s bed.


Longer autonomy with extra battery.
Want to clean your entire house without running out of energy? If you want more flexibility in terms of run time, an extra battery allows you to continue cleaning. The electric cordless vacuum cleaner offers unlimited operating time if you optionally combine two 4Ah Power Plus batteries with a fast charger.



POWER FOR ALL. One battery for the whole house.
Most devices have different batteries, which can be expensive. Interchangeable batteries are part of one of the larger 18V battery systems. They are compatible with many 18V power tools and gardening devices from Bosch and other brands, e.g. Gardena, Gloria, Wagner and Rapid.


Automatic intensity depending on the type of floor.
We no longer have to think about what is the appropriate level of operating intensity for a surface. The intelligent automatic function differentiates and adjusts the air flow according to the type of floor. It also provides the optimal balance between cleaning power and run time. You’ll never have to manually switch the volume level between carpet and wood again.


Practical control with 3 volume levels.
Different cleaning needs require different modes of operation. The “Turbo” option boosts performance for tough jobs, delivering as much power as a corded vacuum cleaner. “Auto” recognizes the surface you want to clean and automatically adjusts the power and duration of operation. “Eco” provides extended run time for everyday cleaning tasks.

  • No compromise on performance. It is as powerful as a corded vacuum cleaner .
  • For all types of floors, with an additional brush for pet hair.
  • New generation battery with 33% more energy for high performance and autonomy.
  • Faster, lighter and more efficient motor for more impressive cleaning results.
  • ProAnimal mini turbo: extra foot with rotating brush for pet hair removal.


Type: Unlimited
Special purpose: Suitable for pets
Device color: Red
Indoor unit dimensions: (HxWxD): 1321 x 250 x 211 mm
Net weight: 5.9 kg


Performance levels: 3
Auto mode: Yes
Maximum duration of device use: 65 min
Number of removable batteries: 1
Battery type: Accu Li-Ion
Charging time: 4 h
Quick charger: No
Nominal voltage battery pack: 18.0V
Battery capacity: 4.00 Ah

Functions for the easy use of the hobs
Noise levels: 78 dB(A) re 1 pW
Type: No bag
contents, dust container: 0.4 l
Carpet brush: Electricity