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Bosch BBS612PCK

Stick Vacuum

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Power (Volts)

18 Volt

Capacity (mL)

300 mL



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Bosch BBS612PCK rechargeable vacuum cleaner with 18V power and 300ml bucket, to clean the surfaces of the house with absolute flexibility. With just one hour of charging, it provides 30 minutes of autonomy, while it includes a variety of accessories, to reach every hard-to-reach place!



  • Device type: Broom Stick
  • Power: 18 V
  • Electrical supply: 18 V
  • Maximum battery time: 30 minutes
  • Bagless technology: It has
  • Net weight: 3.4 kg



Relaxed handling and flexible cleaning.
Wiping has never been simpler. Unlimited 6 with its compact design and light weight makes cleaning easy. The broom weighs just 1.4kg – together with the hose and foot only 2.3kg. So sweeping from floor to ceiling is effortless.


Brushless motor, electric foot, high efficiency
You deserve high cleaning performance. For this reason we have equipped the Unlimited vacuum cleaner with brushless motor technology that makes the digital motor powerful, reliable and environmentally friendly. Combined with the specially designed AllFloor Power Brush, we ensure deep cleaning on all floors.


Clean every floor, ceiling, your car
Sweeping at all levels – from the ceiling to the floor, is now possible. The vacuum cleaner comes with useful accessories that enable you to clean all types of floors and all surfaces, such as tables, sofas, blinds and even the interior of your car.


Extended life with replaceable batteries.
Want to clean the whole house without running out of battery? If you want more flexibility in terms of run time, an extra battery is the solution as it allows you to extend the time you can sweep.



2 in 1 brush for easy and comfortable cleaning.
The combination of the furniture brush and the upholstery nozzle makes it easy to clean surfaces. The furniture brush is ideal for drawers, tables and other furniture with delicate surfaces. Depending on your needs, you can turn the furniture brush into a wallpaper nozzle very easily.


Also ideal for car interiors.
The interior of the car is generally a difficult place to clean and there is often no power supply available nearby. That’s why this vacuum cleaner includes the ideal accessories you need to reach every spot with ease. Long operating time, flexibility and ease of use make Unlimited the ideal way to clean your car as well.


POWER FOR ALL. One battery for the whole house.
Most devices have different batteries, which can be expensive. Interchangeable batteries are part of one of the larger 18V battery systems. They are compatible with many 18V power tools and gardening devices from Bosch and other brands, e.g. Gardena, Gloria, Wagner and Rapid.

  • Easy handling for flexible cleaning without effort, thanks to the light weight and compact design.
  • The AllFloor Power brush foot and TurboSpin motor allow you to clean all floors.
  • High standards and thorough checks so that you are always satisfied.
  • Clean everywhere: accessories for cleaning from floor to ceiling, even in the car.
  • Replaceable batteries allow you to extend the operating time.


Type: Unlimited
Special purpose: For daily use
Device color: White aluminum brilliant

Indoor unit dimensions: (HxWxD): 1221 x 266 x 204 mm
Net weight: 3.4 kg


Functions for the easy use of the hobs
Noise levels: 85 dB(A) re 1 pW
Type: No bag
contents, dust container: 0.3 l
Carpet brush: Electricity

Performance levels: 2
Auto mode: No
Maximum duration of device use: 30 minutes
Number of removable batteries: 2
Battery type: Accu Li-Ion
Charging time: 4 h
Quick charger: No

Nominal voltage battery pack: 18.0V
Battery capacity: 2.50 Ah