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Black & Decker BHFEV182C-QW

Black & Decker BHFEV182C-QW



Power (Volts)

18 Volt

Autonomy (min)

58 min

Capacity (mL)

650 mL



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Rechargeable stick vacuum BHFEV 182 C – QW by Black & Decker with 18 V power and 58 min autonomy , to clean the dirty landscape of your floors! It has an anti – tagle bar for up to 70% greater ability to remove dirt from carpets, while it comes with a charger, wall mount, corner nozzle and brush! So, you know how you won’t miss anything when you do general!



  • Mode of Operation:Restored
  • Cordless (wireless):It has
  • Power (Volts):18 V
  • Operating autonomy (min):58 min


Rowenta Stick Vacuum Cleaner RH9021
Operation Type
Your vacuum cleaner draws… power from the rechargeable battery, to offer you its services again and again! 
Black&Decker Stick Vacuum Cleaner BHFEV182C-QW
It is strong and knows how to impose itself on every stubborn lint, but also on the “reactive” dust that occupies your space!
Black&Decker Stick Vacuum Cleaner BHFEV182C-QW
58 min
It gives you time to give the floors and carpets the cleanliness you want!
Black&Decker Stick Vacuum Cleaner BHFEV182C-QW
Bin capacity
650 ml
A practical container that does not need to be emptied every three or so, to limit the breaks while you sweep!
All in one!
This 4 in 1 stick broom will free your hands, every time the dust and lint fall on the… floors! The ergonomic anti – tangle bar effectively collects the hairs, while cleaning deep into the pile of the carpet and the fibers of the carpet, ensuring up to 70% more effective absorption of dirt!
Go, my good broom!
Don’t stick to using it as a broom! If you want to collect food scraps or other dirt in a specific place, you can also use it as an independent broom. It is comfortable in the hand and you don’t have to carry the whole device for a small “damage”.
She wants to be alone, to… recharge!
Your vacuum cleaner needs to spend 5 hours charging to renew its lost energy, until it is at your service again!
She wants to be alone, to… recharge!
Lightly, moderately or heavily soiled carpets and floors? With 3-speed operation, the degree of dirt should not concern you!
Black&Decker Stick Vacuum Cleaner BHFEV182C-QW
Plus accessories!
She is accompanied by a charger that gives her energy when she “falls”, a wall mount so she can find support after a grueling sweep, and a nozzle for corners that “pave the way for her to reach any hard-to-reach area!”


Type: Restored
Power: 18 V
Bucket capacity: 650 ml


Equipment & Accessories
Charging base: It has
Accessories: Corner nozzle / Wall mount / Charger
Battery type: Lithium
Battery capacity: 2 AH
Vertical mounting position: It has


Usage & Filtering
Ideal for: Hard floors / Carpets / Parquet
Dust collection in a bin: It has
Filter type: Washable

Features & Functions
Operating autonomy: It has
Autonomy: 58 min
Operating levels: 3
Cordless (wireless): It has
Charging Time: 5 h


Dimensions & Weight
Weight: 2,700 kg